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Welcome to your Freedom of Health™ Nutritional Therapy and Education program! I am excited to be your guide on this journey to better health. Even if you came to me with one primary health concern, you will realize that as every part of the body is intimately connected to every other part — we are one organism after all — a whole-body therapy approach is always best. That is where the Freedom of Health™ program excels.

Path to Health

As we move forward, your progress will not be linear, and you may suffer setbacks, whether emotional or physical. Many times true healing means you feel a little worse before getting better, as the body resets itself, clears old infections, balances vitamin and mineral levels, and eliminates toxins. It is important not to stay silent when these healing reactions occur, as they may be confusing. The Freedom of Health™ program includes multiple methods to interact with me, via phone, text, video conferencing, or in person if available. Let me know if you’re not feeling well, and I may modify or slow down my recommendations. A tenant of my practice is that I respect every person’s unique chemical and genetic make-up and recognize that no one approach works for everyone. In terms of exercise, for example, it might surprise you that some people recover better with less intensive exercise than more. Every question about “Is this right for me?” deserves the answer, “It depends, and here is why”.

Ask Questions

If you have a concern, doubt, or question, make sure to bring it up. I do not take your questioning as a challenge to my advice; it would be ignorant to assume that an intelligent adult such as yourself, who is willing to think outside the box and hire the services of a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, wouldn’t ask questions. If I advise against drinking coffee for example, and you desire to continue drinking it, I welcome hearing your reasoning for it. Maybe we can address the underlying cause as to why coffee is your comfort food and perhaps agree to a compromise. Or maybe we choose to focus on something else for the time being and keep the coffee. You have hired me to work for you; I will honor your desires while at the same time offer my professional advice.

My Requests

Always remember your primary reason for seeking out my help in the first place, your “Why”. Keep an open mind as we work together, and be willing to try unconventional methods of healing. Take your journey one step at a time, as it is the best method for success. Know that I am not the “nutrition police”. I will not make you feel guilty for failing to implement my recommendations fully. I take you at whatever stage you are and celebrate every positive change you are able to make.

Feel free to forward me information you read online or in print if you’d like my opinion on it. I don’t presume to know everything related to nutrition or health (realistically, no one can), but I am learning every day from scientific research and my own experiences with clients like you.

Again, thank you for trusting me and I look forward to working together!

Allison Mädl, NTP

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