Freedom Of Health™

Nutritional Therapy & Education


Why Freedom Of Health?

In our country, we have a democracy that affords us important rights and privileges, such as freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and the right to a free public education.

But just as important, although less tangible, is the freedom of being healthy. What does this mean?

Health is the opposite of sickness.

If one is sick, or in pain, many “cant’s” come up: I can’t get pregnant. — I can’t go on the hike this weekend with my kids. — I can’t cook dinner tonight because my headache is so strong and I just want to go to bed. In sickness, one’s life becomes narrower, more restricted, and less vibrant. In the extreme, poor health can feel like a prison.

Good health, on the other hand, makes it fun to exercise, cook meals, attend social outings, and pursue one’s ambitions. In short, good health liberates.

The Program

My name is Allison Mädl, and I am a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. I created a nutritional therapy and education program called Freedom Of Health™. It is intended for individuals who are committed to reaching their health goals and restoring their freedom to be well.

To find out how the program works and how to take part, click here.